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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

CCNA Discovery CCNA Exploration PacketTracer v4

CCNA Discovery CCNA Exploration PacketTracer v4
Welcome to a preview of our recently released CCNA Discovery and CCNA Exploration curricula. The English version of CCNA Discovery courses Networking for Home and Small Businesses and Working at a Small-to-Medium Business or ISP, and CCNA Exploration courses Network Fundamentals and Routing Protocols and Concepts, are now available.
CCNA Discovery
CCNA Discovery teaches networking based on application. It helps students develop foundational knowledge and experience, which can be applied toward entry-level careers in IT and networking.
CCNA Exploration
CCNA Exploration teaches networking based on technology. It covers protocols and theory at deeper levels to help students succeed in networking-related degree programs and a range of professions.


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