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Friday, 24 October 2008

Cisco Press - CCNA Video Mentor: (Exam 640-801)

Cisco Press - CCNA Video Mentor: (Exam 640-801)
CCNA Basics 1. Navigating the Router/Switch Command Line Interface 2. Router Configuration and Managing Configuration Files LAN Switching 3. Switch Basics: Learning, Forwarding/Filtering, and Interface settings 4. Configuring VLANs Basic Routing 5. Static and Connected Routes 6. RIPv1 Configuration 7. RIPv1 with Split Horizon, Route Poisoning, and Poison Reverse Advanced Routing 8. Single-Area OSPF Configuration 9. EIGRP Configuration and Operation 10. NAT Overload (PAT) WAN 11. PPP and CHAP Configuration Security 12. Access Lists


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