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Friday, 24 October 2008

Download pass4sure ccnp P4S ISCW 642-825 v3.10

Download pass4sure ccnp P4S ISCW 642-825 v3.10


Anonymous said...

I passed ISCW with 1000/1000. Details below:

Materials used.

Cisco Learning Product ( Gloabl Knowledge)
CBT / Trainsigal Videos

59 questions/140 min, One (probably) wrong.

Configuration Simulation: DSL PPPoE
Ref: hxxp://
Simlets: GRE Tunnel - 5 questions - Don't depend on P4S for this, it is wrong!!
Drag & Drop - One new Q about the configuration sequence of PPPoA, One from P4S - regarding Headend/CMTS/Modem
Hotspot: VPN IPSec, IOS Firewall & ACL
Ref: hxxp://
Almost all other questions from Pass4sure. But there are many wrong answers in it.
Some wrong answers are mentioned here : Check ISCW section in hxxp://
Don't remember all the questions, will post as and when I remember it.

Advice from my personal experience: Practice all configuration questions/simulations ( PPPoE/PPPoA/TACACS/GRE etc....) by writing them down a few times. That helped me a lot.
While working on the GRE simlet:
If you are in doubt about a particular Branch router configuration, compare it with another branch. No two branches have the same error . Use commands sh ip int br /sh run/sh ip protocols. Check tunnel properties (source i/f,destination ip), routing table (eigrp AS number should be same throughout all branch/HQ routers, the default route should be present). In multiple choices, the option which says "The tunnel number on HQ router is different from Branch router " can be ignored.
Try to be familiar with SDM
GNS3 is a wonderful visualization product!! Use it as much as possible

latest pass4sure 642-825 said...

Thanks for share ?
Do you have latest p4s ISCW 642-825 . i have pass4sure v3.10 .

Ayn Zoya said...

Hi Anon,
Did you take the 640-553 exam? I am planning to take the same, and not sure how do I practise the lab questions. Can you please guide on the VPN/SDM etc. simulations that you used.


ccnp cisco said...

Thanks for good shared .
To latest p4s 642-825 :
now this one is latest .

JuliaR said...

The latest 642-825 dumps is release . I think it is version 3.12 . If you have ...please share it.

Anonymous said...

hi,can anyone help for this correct answer of
Simlets: GRE Tunnel - 5 questions - Don't depend on P4S for this, it is wrong!!

Rapael said...

Can you post 5Q here ?

Gaurav said...

The latest Pass4sure ISCW 642-825 dumps is released on 31 april please post it here with lot more of questions. thanks alot

Anonymous said...

Is it 642-825 3.14 ?

Gaurav said...

donot know about version but it is with 336 questions

Shripal said...

pls post the latest p4s for iscw

Anonymous said...

i took the ISCW last week i failed in that ,my preparation was not gud enough i believed the p4s 3.10 , its not enough guys please any one post your latest dumps and your exp if you recently took the exam

Anonymous said...

Anyone has p4s 642-825 with 336 Q&A. please share for me! or send email:

Anonymous said...

can anyone post the latest 642-845 pass4sure Q&A?


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