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Thursday, 23 October 2008

How-to guide install and play around with dynagen/dynamips

I'll try my best to produce a quick how-to guide install and play around with dynagen/dynamips:

1) Download and install winpcap from this site :

2) download dynagen/dynamips from this site :

3) Download or get some router ios images. You can PM me for the links

4) Place the IOS images in any directory.

5) Download IPexpert network topology so you can play around with the router setup right of the bat,however please be aware that this is suitable for people pursing CCIE only, as the setup is quite complex for CCNA level study. Tapi step ni bukan mandatory sebab ko bole create network topology sendiri,cuma makan masa sikit je nak buat. Another shortcut is to download network topology/config from the net.

6) edit network files especially the line below to point to IOS image in step 4
image = \Program Files\Dynamips\images\c7200-jk9o3s-mz.124-7a.image

7) start dynamips server or double click any network file

8) You should be in hypervisor mode by now. type list to list down all router in the network files and type console R1 to telnet into router R1.

9) If you're experiencing high CPU utilization,you have to adjust the idle-pc value.

Itu je yang aku ingat buat masa ni,most probably ada yang aku tertinggal step die. Ko bole try dulu kalau sangkut kat mane-mane bole tanye or google =) . Happy Routing!


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