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Thursday, 23 October 2008

IPexpert CCIE Routing And Switching Class On Demand v4

IPexpert CCIE Routing And Switching Class On Demand v4 | 970 MB

Unable to attend a live classroom training? This recorded Video-on-Demand lecture series provides in-depth discussions of the lab blueprint topics. Recorded by the renowned instructors at IPexpert. IPexpert CCIE Routing & Switching training products will change the way you study; they are offered in a variety of convenient study methods and are complete with the most current and relevant information. We update our materials continually to ensure you get the most up-to-date information possible. Your investment is protected by our Risk-Free Guarantee.

At your convenience, you can view more than 15 hours of CCIE-level lectures delivered by IPexpert Senior Instructor and VP of Curriculum, Scott Morris (Quad CCIE).

IPexpert CCIE R&S Video-on-Demand (DVDs) Content Overview:

• This product is professionally recorded and edited
• Information contained on 7 DVDs*
• Includes more than 15 hours of CCIE lab blueprint-related lecture information
• Arrives in a professional storage case

Video-on-Demand Modules:

• Module 1: Introduction (32 minutes)
• Module 2: Frame Relay (53 minutes)
• Module 3: Bridging & Catalyst 3550 (75 minutes)
• Module 4: WCCP (8 minutes)
• Module 5: General Routing (27 minutes)
• Module 6: OSPF (47 minutes)
• Module 7: RIP-EIGRP (22 minutes)
• Module 8: BGP (57 minutes)
• Module 9: Redistribution (26 minutes)
• Module 10: Multicast (79 minutes)
• Module 11: IP Services (50 minutes)
• Module 12: Quality of Service (97 minutes)
• Module 13: Access Lists (45 minutes)
• Module 14: IOS Services - Security (40 minutes)
• Module 15: Mobile IP (14 minutes)
• Module 16: IPv6 (63 minutes)

To maximize your CCIE Lab preparation with the IPexpert Video-on-Demand series, you will also receive the IPexpert CCIE Self-Study Student Guide that includes a hard-copy, printed and bound version of the presentation slides, PLUS additional notes and insight from our instructors/developers that created the courseware! This additional insight is very beneficial and we leave room for you to take notes of your own.



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