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Saturday, 25 October 2008



The Cisco-Secure PIX Firewall Advanced exam is one of four required for the Cisco CSS?1 designation. In the Cisco?PIX?Firewall course from LearnKey, you抣l learn how to define and describe network firewall security procedures and how they work specifically with Cisco?PIX?firewalls. Expert instructor Michael Storm will demonstrate how to configure PIX?firewall interfaces, protocols and attack guards to protect networks from security threats that may arrive via Internet traffic. At the conclusion of this course you will be prepared to pass the Cisco?Secure PIX?Firewall Advanced exam.

Prerequisites: Valid CCNA?certification required for CSS?1 designation.

Session 1
Section A: Introduction
Section B: Security Threats/Solutions
Section C: Firewall Technologies
Section D: PIX?Firewall Features
Section E: PIX?Maintenance
Section F: Upgrade PIX?OS
Section G: ASA Security Rules

Session 2
Section A: ASA Operations
Section B: Six Basic Commands
Section C: Configure PIX?Firewall
Section D: Translation Rules
Section E: NAT & PAT
Section F: PIX?Device Manager

Session 3
Section A: Configure PIX?with PDM
Section B: Object Grouping
Section C: Syslog
Section D: Cut-Through Proxy
Section E: CSACS Configuration
Section F: AAA Configuration
Section G: Advanced Protocol Handling

Session 4
Section A: Multimedia Operation
Section B: Attack Guard
Section C: Service Configuration
Section D: Failover
Section E: IPSec/VPN
Section F: IPSec Process

Session 5
Section A: Configuring IPSec
Section B: Scaling IPSec
Section C: Configuring PIX VPN
Section D: PPPoE/VPN with PDM
Section E: Configuring CSIS
Section F: Authentication Proxy

Session 6
Section A: Version 6.3
Section B: Security & Licensing
Section C: 6.3 VPN Enhancements
Section D: Enterprise-Level PIX?br />Section E: Workflow in MC
Section F: Auto Update Server

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