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Friday, 24 October 2008

TrainSignal Cisco Routers & Switches on a LAN/WAN

TrainSignal Cisco Routers & Switches on a LAN/WAN
Fun, interactive scenarios make our lessons easy to retain! Learn the details of Cisco Routing & Switching
Learn the differences between Routers, Switches, Bridges & Hubs
Master the OSI Model; it is crucial for the Cisco CCNA Exam!
See how a Cisco switch operates and builds it MAC table
Learn how the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) keeps your switches running smoothly

Setup VLANS and Trunking on your Switches and cut-down on unnecessary network broadcasts

Setup, Configure & Troubleshoot Frame Relay to function in a WAN environment
Learn how to Setup Static Routing and get traffic flowing between your Routers!

Learn how & why Routing Protocols can be used to simplify Router Management

Setup, Configure & Troubleshoot RIP v.1 and RIP v.2; watch your routers automatically create their own routing tables!
Setup, Configure & Troubleshoot IGRP and see how it compares to RIP

Learn the differences between Link State & Distance Vector Routing Protocols

Setup, Configure & Troubleshoot the OSPF routing protocol

Configure Access Lists to block unwanted traffic and secure your network

Enable NAT on a Cisco Router to allow Internet Access

Setup, Configure & Troubleshoot the EIGRP routing protocol

Learn about Password Recovery & the Config Register

Master Binary Numbers & Subnetting

Setup, Configure & Troubleshoot ISDN
This is just the beginning! By the time you are finished, you will have the understanding & ”know-how” to setup, manage and troubleshoot Cisco Routers & Switches!


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