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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

CCIE R&s recommended book list

CCIE R&S recommended book list
CCIE Practical Studies Volume I (Solie, ISBN# 1587200023)
CCIE Practical Studies Volume II (CCIE Self-Study) (Solie, Lynch, ISBN# 1587050722)
CCIE Routing and Switching Exam Quick Reference Sheets: Exam 350-001 v3.0 (Sequeira, ISBN #1-58705-337-3)
CCIE Routing and Switching Flash Cards (Sequeira and Wallace, ISBN# 1587201291)
CCIE Routing and Switching Practical Labs (Duggan, Gorito, ISBN# 1587051478)
Cisco BGP-4 Command and Configuration Handbook (Parkhurst, ISBN# 158705017X)
Cisco Catalyst QoS: Quality of Service in Campus Networks (Flannagan, Froom, Turek: Cisco Press)
Cisco Frame Relay Solutions Guide (Chin: Cisco Press, ISBN# 1587051168)
Cisco LAN Switching (Clark, Hamilton, ISBN# 1578700949)
Cisco OSPF Command and Configuration Handbook (Parkhurst, ISBN# 1587050714)
Developing IP Multicast Networks, Volume I (Beau Williamson, ISBN # 1578700776
Implementing Cisco IPv6 Networks (IPv6) (Regis Desmeules, ISBN# 1587050862)
Inside Cisco IOS Software Architecture (Bollapragada, Murphy, White, ISBN# 1578701813)
Internet Routing Architectures, Second Edition (Sam Halabi, ISBN# 15787050862)
MPLS and VPN Architectures (Guichard, Pepelnjak, ISBN# 1587050021)
MPLS and VPN Architectures, Volume II (Apcar, Guichard, Pepelnjak, ISBN# 1587051125)
Routing TCP/IP, Volume I, Second Edition (Carroll, Doyle, ISBN# 1587052024)
Routing TCP/IP, Volume II (CCIE Professional Development) (Doyle, DeHaven Carroll, ISBN# 578700892)
Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocols (CCIE Professional Development Series) (Aziz, Liu, Martey, Shamim, ISBN# 1587050196)
Troubleshooting Remote Access Networks (CCIE Professional Development) (Nedeltchev, ISBN# 1587050765)
CCIE Routing and Switching Exam Certification Guide, 3rd Edition (Odom, Healy, Mehta, ISBN# 1587201968)



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