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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Cisco Switching BCMSN CCNP Training

Cisco BCMSN - CCNP Training
Cisco Switching Training

12+ hours of Instructor Led Video Training.
Over 200 Practice Questions For The 642-812 BCMSN Exam, Building Converged Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks.
BCMSN Lab Book That Will Walk You Through Setting Up a Network of Cisco Switches Step-by-Step.
Master Cisco Switching and Ace Your BCMSN Exam On Your Way To Earning The Prestigious CCNP Certification.

Package Contents - Here is what you get....
1) 12+ Hours of Cisco BCMSN Training Videos on CD

Cisco BSCI CCNP Training Videos You get 12+ Hours of Training covering Cisco Switching and the BCMSN Exam. "Get your Hands Dirty" with this Real World Training that is 100% Instructor Led! In this course Chris Bryant will lead you through Scenarios and Examples that will have you ready to tackle anything Cisco will throw at you.

2) 210 Practice Exam Questions (Three 70 Question Exams)

Cisco BSCI 642-901 Practice Exam Questions 210 comprehensive 642-812 BCMSN Practice Exam Questions. These questions will test your knowledge of Cisco Switching and help to prepare you for the new Cisco BSCI 642-812 Exam. Our "extras" are another reason why we are Network Admin's #1 Choice for IT Training!

3) Cisco BCMSN Lab Book (PDF File on CD)

Active Directory Lab Book A comprehensive Cisco BCMSN/CCNP "How To" guide. This Lab Book (PDF File on CD) will walk you through all of the steps necessary to setup your own Cisco Switched Network. Filled with step-by-step instructions, screenshots and diagrams, the Lab Book is the perfect companion to the video training. Our learn by doing approach is one reason why we are Network Admin's #1 Choice for IT Training!

Here are just SOME of the Topics we Cover in our
Cisco BCMSN Training Videos:

Learn how a Cisco switch builds its routing table.
Find out how to define VLANs. Why use VLANs? How to configure different types of VLANs?
Learn about VLAN Trunking Protocol, how to configure VTP, Verify and spot common VTP misconfigurations.
Know the reason for using Etherchannels and how traffic is sent across an etherchannel.
Know the difference between bridging/switching loops and routing loops in Spanning Tree Protocol.
Find out where to place the root bridge and how to guarantee a particular bridge is elected root.
Learn more about the danger of changing STP timers, and how to do it right.
Find out how to perform inter-VLAN routing on a MLSwitch.
Learn more about Power over Ethernet, IP Telephony and Cisco IP phones.
Know how to configure port-based authentication and how to defend against L2 and spoofing attacks.
Find out differences between wireless and wired LANs, and between CSMA/CD and CSMA/CA.
Learn more about wireless architectures and design guidelines.
Know Cisco three-layer switching model in and out.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, please let me know how to join the files having extensions like __a,__b,__c and __d. Tried with hjsplit and ffsj, but winrar fails to open.

Ivan said...

Hi, please let me know as well how to join this extension files, thank you in advance

Anonymous said...

how do you extract the files???

Anonymous said...

As per its extention *.7z , i tried to open but its fail to open.. pls let me know how to extract these files as per as join them??

Anonymous said...

winrar plz :D

Anonymous said...

check this if anyone having problem with .__a, .__b and so files.
Asif Khan

Anonymous said...

Sorry i missed the link which is

Anonymous said...

First use FFSJ to join the parts then use 7zip to opene and extract the archive.

Anonymous said...

part 4 link is dead!

phjolwi said...

part 4 link is dead! could u please upload again?

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