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Monday, 8 December 2008

CBT CCNA Security 640-533 rapidshare

CBT nugget CCNA Security 640-533
New Cisco CCNA Security Nugget 640-553: IINS on
Are you an IT Pro responsible for network security? Do you have CCNA certification and want to take the next step in network security? Are you working towards CCSP certification? If any of these are you, this is the training you’re looking for.
Jump into security with Jeremy Cioara’s Cisco CCNA Security video series. Jeremy puts you in the mind of hackers and intruders and shows you how to defeat these black hats. Soon you’ll be recognizing different types of attackers and threats and eliminating the damage that can follows security breaches.
You’ll learn all about your security enemies --whether they’re hackers, phreakers, hacktivists, hobby hackers or script kiddies. And you’ll learn how these bad guys:

* Investigate your network
* Identify and target your operating system and applications
* Break into your system
* Steal logins, user names and passwords
* Create network backdoors so they can mount future attacks

Cisco Security gives you lots of great tools for discovering and defeating attackers. Self-Defending Network (SDN) helps you automatically identify threats, both internal and external. MARS (Monitoring Analysis & Response System) analyzes threats and identifies false alarms. In fact, Cisco Security provides you with tons of network protection, but doesn’t bury you with security alerts.

Jeremy’s videos move from one "cool topic" to the next -- showing you the big picture involved in securing your network. By the time you’ve finished watching the full series, you’ll have a terrific foundation in Cisco security. And you’ll be respected for the confidentiality, integrity and availability that you bring to your organization’s network data.
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