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Monday, 5 January 2009

Cisco Network Magic Pro rapidshare

Cisco Network Magic Pro rapidshare
Today Cisco has introduced a suite of network management software named Network Magic 5.0 . This tool will improve various network tasks like- connecting and sharing computers(content & printer), control computers on network while accessing Internet, connection repairing features, manage performance problem to provide optimize performance and many more. This tool run in the background and indicate/alert each time when new device connect to your network.
The Network Magic 5.0 suit provide the various functionality and provide capability to

* Connect and share content or a printer across a network
* Manage, monitor and control how computers on the network access the Internet
* Diagnose and repair connection and performance problems
* Optimize performance and reliability
* Track network history and usage through reporting capabilities
* Manage active connections and get status updates Control user
* Access and help secure the network from intruders


* Connect your devices together in minutes.
* Share Internet connections, printers and files.
* Protect your network with enhanced WPA security capabilities and
status alerts.
* Repair your network and Internet connections to stay online and
* Control access to the Internet and track online activity with remote
desktop screenshots.
* And much more!

If you're having problem in making this into PRO, here's what you should do....

- disconnect your internet
- install
- connect internet
- set it up. make sure you are on PRO Trial version.
- exit Network Magic from System Tray.
- run the Patch
- your done
- complete
link download on rapidshare


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