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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Cisco Secure Services Client

Cisco Secure Services Client
The Cisco Secure Services Client (SSC) is a software
supplicant that helps you deploy a single authentication
framework to access both wired and wireless networks. It
provides 802.1X (Layer 2) user and device authentication and
manages user and device identity and the network-access
protocols required for secure access.The software,a component
of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network, simplifies network
management and enhances the user experience by:
Fully integrating with the Cisco Unified Wireless Network
access points and wireless LAN controllers
Letting you distribute user profiles to the entire
organization through a single Extensible Markup Language
(XML) file
Featuring a client interface that improves troubleshooting
and lets users connect easily to office, home, and public
Automating VPN initiation in non-802.1X environments



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