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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

CBT NUGGETS CCIE Video Practice Lab

CCIE Video Practice Lab Video on rapidshare walkthrough of a CCIE practice lab - Does not contain simulation software $299.00 - Includes 20 Videos The eight-hour hands-on lab portion of the CCIE certification exams is the most rigorous part of becoming CCIE certified.
These videos will give you problem-solving knowledge, techniques and confidence to solve scenarios like those given on the exams.
Meant to compliment our Cisco CCIE Certification Package, trainer Jeremy Cioara goes through a networking scenario in real-time with you.

He starts at setup, then covers diagnosing the problem, implementing an effective solution and debugging along the way.
Because the videos follow Cioara through the problem solving process in real-time, it is easy to learn the thought processes behind his techniques for identifying and solving network problems. By understanding why he solves problems in the ways that he does, you’ll be better at coming up with your own solutions for new problems that you come across.
These videos map to the exam objectives for the CCIE lab exam, but they are just as useful on the job as on the exam. With the knowledge contained in these videos, you will become better at running networks, whether you are preparing for CCIE certification or not.
This series consists of 20 videos that provide more than 11 hours of instruction.
It is recommended that you have the skills and knowledge discussed in the Cisco CCIE Certification Package prior to viewing this video series.
Note: This training covers all exam objectives to fully prepare you for the content, hardware and operating systems update to the CCIE Routing & Switching lab exam, released by Cisco, January 2006. Contents: CCIE Video Practice Lab - CCIE Practice Labs Introduction - CCIE Lab Setup - Bridging and Switching: Frame Relay - Bridging and Switching: 3550 - IGP Protocols: OSPF Part 1 - IGP Protocols: OSPF Part 2 - IGP Protocols: RIPv2 - IGP Protocols: EIGRP - EGP Protocols: BGP Part 1 - EGP Protocols: BGP Part 2 - EGP Protocols: BGP Part 3 - ISDN: Connectivity and Dial Restrictions - Cisco IOS Features: DHCP - Cisco IOS Features: Redundant Routing - Cisco IOS Features: SNMP - Cisco IOS Features: NTP - Cisco IOS Features: Miscellaneous Tasks - Quality of Service - Multicast - Security Cisco is a registered trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc.


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you've mistakenly put part 3 in the last link

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Had you problem? . I checked it in rapidshare checker ->

File is on server number: 497: File to load

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Rack rentals and actual Cisco CCIE Training on three courses that is R&S, Security, and Voice.

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