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Monday, 8 June 2009

CCNA 2 Module 4 Exam Answers Version 3.1

CCNA 2 Module 4 Exam Answers Version 3.1

1 A network administrator was called away from the terminal while using Telnet to monitor a remote router. The Telnet session was left connected. If the default Telnet configuration is used, what will the administrator find upon returning 15 minutes later?
• The Telnet session entered a "sleep" state and will resume when the spacebar is pressed.
• The Telnet session remained connected and is on the same screen it was left on.
• The Telnet session suspended itself and will resume when the Enter key is pressed.
• The Telnet session terminated itself after 10 minutes of inactivity.
• The Telnet session remained active but now requires the password to be entered again.

2 What is the main use of Telnet?
• transfer of data between end users
• verification of simple connectivity
• routing of data packets
• remote connection to network devices


Which of the following is true regarding CDP and the graphic shown?
• CDP running on Router D will gather information about routers A, B, C, and E.
• By default, Router A will receive CDP advertisements from routers B and C.
• If routers D and E are running different routing protocols, they will not exchange CDP information.
• Router E can use CDP to identify the IOS running on Router B.

4 Which of the following are displayed by the Router# show cdp neighbors command? (Choose three.)
• load
• platform
• reliability
• holdtime
• local interface

5 To obtain CDP information from a Cisco router that is not directly connected to the administrator's console, what must happen?
• The source router must send TLV blocks to the remote router.
• The administrator can Telnet to a Cisco device that is connected to the remote router.
• The administrator needs to issue the Router# show cdp all to view the entire network CDP advertisements.
• The administrator must transmit TTL packets to the remote device and wait for a response.

6 What is the purpose of the cdp timer command?
• specifies the hold time to be sent in the CDP update packet
• resets the traffic counters back to zero
• specifies how often the Cisco IOS software sends CDP updates
• deletes and resets the CDP table of information about neighbors

7 An administrator is attempting to enable CDP on the interface of a Cisco router. After issuing the command Router(config-if)# cdp enable, the router responds with an error stating that CDP is not active. What might be the problem?
• The cdp enable command must be issued from the global mode prompt.
• The administrator needed to issue the command Router(config-if)# cdp run.
• CDP has not been configured globally.
• The administrator did not manually enter the CDP neighbors into the CDP table.


The traceroute command was used to trace the path between routers A and D. What would an output display of three asterisks (***) indicate?
• The command was issued from the wrong prompt.
• Each datagram was successfully sent.
• One of the routers is unreachable.
• There are three hops between source and destination.


Pings between Atlanta and Dallas are successful. If a hostname table or DNS connection is not available, which command will successfully establish a remote connection from Atlanta to Dallas via Telnet?
• Atlanta> connect Dallas
• Atlanta>
• Atlanta#
• Atlanta# telnet Dallas

10 How many Telnet sessions can take place simultaneously on a router running a standard edition of the IOS?
• 4
• 5
• 8
• 10

11 Why would an administrator use the Telnet application when troubleshooting a network? (Choose three.)
• It can be used to verify the operation of application layer software between the source and destination.
• Telnet can use the ICMP protocol to verify a hardware connection and network layer address.
• It is the most complete testing mechanism available.
• Remote networks may be accessed via a Telnet session for troubleshooting.

• Time to Live values are used by Telnet to identify a failure of device between source and destination.

12 For which three network layer protocols does CDP provide information? (Choose three.)
• IP
• AppleTalk



If the network administrator establishes a telnet session from Workstation 2 to GAD and then from GAD to BHM, what occurs if the session with BHM is suspended and the Enter key is pressed?
• The GAD session will be resumed.
• The BHM session will be resumed.
• The GAD session will be terminated.
• The BHM session will be terminated.

14 Transmitting type length values (TLVs) inside advertisements is a process used by CDP to provide information about neighboring devices. What information is displayed by these TLVs? (Choose three.)
• interface information of the connected device
• all networks connected to the neighboring device
• name of the connected device
• routing protocol used on the neighboring device
• holdtime for advertisements


Which command will produce the output shown in the graphic?
• show cdp
• show cdp neighbors
• show cdp neighbors detail
• show cdp detail
• show cdp traffic

16 What key sequence is used to suspend a Telnet session on a remote router?
• Ctrl-Shift-S
• Ctrl-Shift-6
• Ctrl-Shift-6, then x
• Ctrl-Alt-S
• Ctrl-Alt-6
• Ctrl-Alt-6, then x

17 What command enables CDP on the interface of a router?
• Router(config-if)# cdp enable
• Router(config-if)# cdp run
• Router(config-if)# cdp start
• Router(config-if)# cdp config

18 How can a network administrator logged in to RTA gather information about the Cisco devices that are directly connected to its neighbor, RTB?
• Use the show cdp neighbors detail command on RTA to view information about every device on the entire internetwork.
• Use ping to determine the status of RTB, then issue the show cdp neighbors detail command.
• Use Telnet to connect to RTB, then issue the show cdp neighbors command.
• Use traceroute to establish the pathway to RTB, then issue the show cdp neighbors command.


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