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Saturday, 15 August 2009

TestOut ccna 640-802 full version

TestOut ccna 640-802 full version

***Please read the instruction and you must installed old version***
How to bypass TestOut's CCNA 640-802 activation & enable the simulations using their old 640-801 edition.
Make sure you have both versions of Testout's CCNA edition's. 640-801 & 640-802.
I used Disc Images (ISOs) and mounted them with Daemon-Tools.

1. Install Testout CCNA 640-801. Make sure you choose to install the entire thing onto your hard drive.
I'm not sure if it will run without doing an update after the install but I did it anyways. Choose NOT to launch the Testout Navigator and finish the install.

2. Mount or Insert the TestOut 640-802 iso/disc but DO NOT install it. Close the setup.

3. Open the CD drive
where the iso/disc is mounted, goto :\Testout . Select and copy every folder.

4. Goto your TestOut's Program Installation folder. \Program Files\Testout and paste the CD contents you selected earlier.. Make sure you overwrite the existing files. Say yes to all.

5. Go into the \Program Files\Testout\Outlines folder and rename c802cle.xml to ccna3cle.xml.

6. Now go back into the CD and navigate into :\Setup\redist\dotnet20 folder and install dotnetfx.exe

7. You are done...Open the Testout Navigator, create a username(for reports don't worry) and Open the 640-801 module. You'll notice that 640-802 will appear and all the router simulations will work.

8. Double Check to see if Updating is disabled.


TestOut ccna 3.0

testout ccna 4.0



Anonymous said...


thanx Alot for this Every Thing
BUT i found this torrent

is the Same One
Coz Downloading using RS Free servers's is *****


Kumar said...

Thankx for the link ..... It works as far as the Practice qs are concerned .. Labs and Simulations don't run ...

Y is that so ... ?? Plz any suggestions ...

pwn.kushwah said...

p4s has updated on 18th august
plz update tht one

Anonymous said...


Khizer said...

Can anyone Provide Dumps and study guide of CCDA Design 640-863.

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