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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Pass4sure 642-812 v3.10 latest

Pass4sure 642-812 v3.10 latest on


Anonymous said...

Thanks for shared . If you have latest p4s 642-812 v3.12 plz share it soon .

Anonymous said...

I'm going to appear in BCMSN exam next week but liitle scared after hearing from friends and forums about routing ques's in BSMSN paper.

Anonymous said...

Anybody have new information this BCMSN , pls for me.

Sanjeewa said...

This is un belevable. No body have BCMSN P4S v3.12? Please post a link guys.

Mc said...

Hello All,
The link
is invalid, anyone with the valid link please?

Thanks for Sharing,

Anonymous said...

any one has p4s bcmsn with 538 questions? Please i need it

Anyone said...

blogger why u cheat on people?
ur link is not valid
shame on u

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